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The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. We see the Syrian government is quite happy to see strikes coming down on ISIS, particularly Nusra, as well. The U.S. government has made it very clear that they don’t consider the Assad government to be a legitimate partner in their alliance.

Nadim Houry of Human Rights Watch was interview on Democracy Now! from Lebanon regarding the aftermath of U.S. airstrikes on the town of Idlib. The attack is under investigation for a violation of war laws for the killing of civilians. Watch the full interview here.

Listen to the People, Not the Polluters: Kumi Naidoo of Greenpeace on the Global Climate Uprising

Were it not for Iraq’s oil, the U.S. would have never invaded. The military is the largest polluter. The oil companies are being protected by U.S. military strength. We see the military-industrial-oil complex all together in this.

antiwar and environmental activist Medea Benjamin when asked to explain the links between war and climate change on Democracy Now! today